Hypoxyprobe Tools for Mapping Oxygen Shortage in Tissue


A unique Antibody  allows for screening of  oxygen supply in tissue and organs.  A non-toxic  small molecule compound (generic name Pimonidazol x HCl, Pim x HCl) is administered orally or intravenously (through the tail vene). Distribution can be picked up by 1) small animal nuclear magnetic resonance 2) positron  emission tomography 3) simple immunohistochemistry. Artimmun Analytik GmbH, in cooperation with Hypoxyprobe and NPI, supplies a sensitive test kit for monitoring areas of oxygen shortage using standard immunohistochemistry. 


This Hypoxyprobe(tm)  Gemini kit allows for dual screening of oxygen distribution using two non-crossinteracting antibodies. Combine the primary antibodies of this kit with detection antibodies selected according to your experimental setup. View the following reference for more information about dual screening

Miriam M Kleiter et al, Int J Radiation Oncology Biol.Phys (2006) Vol 64, 592-602

Order details (Kits refer to 100 mg Pim x HCl)


Hypoxyprobe (tm)Gemini Kit

680 €


Hypoxyprobe (tm)
Omni Kit [rabbit]

460 €


Hydrochloride, 1 g

960 €

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