In Focus:  Tools for Drug Development for Control of TDO Activity


Human tryptophane-2.3-dioxygenase (TDO)-is upregulated in certain tumors which benefit from accumulation of tryptophane degradation and its immunesuppressive function. Testsets have been made available cell-free and cell-bound.


60534  hum TDO-HEK293 Cell Line and 60002-1 Quick-Detection Supplement


are used in inhibitor screening with TDO enzyme. A technical description of the cell line is accessible. It includes a link to a suitable substrate.

Cell-free assays are also available through us. The technical description of these tests and their components can be seen here.  Please follw the link to see the current range of cell-lines available here.


 9002 I/HF              Soluble Erythropoietin Receptor epoR-Fc chimera


Since regulation of erythropoietin receptor in certain tumor tissues indicates there may be an interest to target EPOR expression in cancers as well, research addressing tissue EPOR has been increasing recently .

A technical datasheet can be viewed here: Symansis has been offering glycosylated cell surface receptors expressed in human cells for several years and covers a broad range of growth factors and regulators of immune competence. Please click for an overview



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