Nucleic Acid Extraction


Our Partner for Nucleic Acid Extraction Tools,, is your source of high capacity cartridges, microwell filter plates and spin columns  for rapid isolation of ready-to-use, high purity DNA and RNA. Look at the website for special research tools covering plant pathogens.
With a unique silicon-carbide based matrixy at the core, adsorption/desorption proceeds highly efficient and rapid. No phenol/chloroform, no precipitation.

Optimised procedures are available for different matrices: cell culture, blood, FFPE, plants, saliva, soil, urine, and more to come. No precipitation, no phenol/chloroform extraction.

Expression Monitoring using Norgen's #23500 or the all-in-one kit #24200

Sequential isolation of RNA,micro RNA, DNA, and proteins, using one sample and a single column w/o sample splitting simplifies quantitative expression monitoring. Kit #23500 has been tailored to meet these needs or, if isolation of micro RNA from the pooled RNA is of interest as well, choose kit #24200. Here is a recent application in stem cell research published in nature


Specification Downloads

Phage DNA #26100

Bact.Genom. DNA

Urine DNA 96 well

Fat Tissue RNA

Soil DNA #43700


Plant RNA/DNA #24400

Animal Tissue RNA




Carrier & Transfection

Choose Glycofect (tm) to wrap your DNA into an electroneutral coat-- biodegradable, of low toxicity, tailored for use with primary cells