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Biological Industries NUTRISTEM (tm) Media, Special Media for Mesenchymal Stem Cells,   Culture Supplements


Symansis Kinase Inhibitors, Inhibitor Arrays and Human Glycosylated Growth Factors

You can source through us, immediately effective, Biological Industries Nutristem (tm) Media and supplements for stem cell culture. Choose from 2 well characterized options to grow your human or mouse ES and iPS cells in long term culture. Read more here

Human, Mouse, Rat Cell and Tissue-Services, Cell Lines; Focus on Neuro degenerative Diseases. Latest Product is CellGrip, a fully synthetic adhesion substrate.

Techniques applied include tissue screens, patch clamp techniques, imaging, in-vitro biochemical and functional assays, functional genomics,  phenotyping, biomarker screening.

Cord Blood- cGMP compliant CryoSolve- Albumins and Peptones- USP / Research Grade Growth Factors-DNAse free RNAse


Latest Update:

Human Growth Factors with human glycosylation: BMP 7, Noggin, beta NGF, FLT-3 ligand

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