Glycofect (tm) Transfection Reagent for Primary Cells

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optimised for DNA


highly efficient

low toxicity


Transfection of

Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells, Dermal Fibroblasts,
Cortical Neurons,.., and counting: all primary cells

Also excellent with glioblastoma and established lines  HEK293, MCF-7, NIH-3T3, ..latest addition:DMBA-4 rat mammary tumor, CHO suspension, U20S

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Protein Expression vs Cell Viability

Protein Expression vs Cell Viability of Various Cell Lines after 48 hrs

Unparalleled Improvement in Transgene Expression and Cell Viabililty-New Polymer Design minimizes membrane disruption during transfer. Size of transfection particles is about 100 nm, the pathway is through endocytosis. Take a snapshot impression from the excerpt to the right and download the complete article by Dr. Joshua Bryson here: