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Biosensis ELISAs

Sensitive ELISAs, 2 x 96 wells

Unique ELISAs for Neuroscience Research

Unique Panel for Neuroscience Research-including: the first ApoE4-AmyloidBeta Complex Assay, improved Amyloid Beta (1-42) ELISA, an ELISA for monitoring the soluble form of the high affinity neurotrophin receptor trkA, a comprehensive panel of Rapid Neurotrophin ELISAs, covering as well--the first Multi-Neurotrophin Rapid Screening ELISA (click for datasheet). The quest for unraveling the neurotrophin network constituted such by proteins as trkA, p75 NTR , trkB, trkC receptors, the mature and pro-form of nerve growth factor, ciliary neurotrophic factor, neurotrophins and numerous isoforms, has been addressed by Biosensis with an ever increasing panel of Rapid ELISAs for proBDNF, proNGF, p75 NTR (extracellular), NT3, .... and now BEK-2211 Mature BDNF ELISA.

Biosensis Mature BDNF ELISA BEK-2211 has emerged as the #1 performing BDNF ELISA in a recent comparison of inter-assay and intra-assay variation, range, sensitivity, specificity, speed-of performance among different ELISAs. The assay architecture of the Biosensis ELISA is unique in its use of a single monoclonal antibody for capture & detection of the naturally occuring format of mature BDNF as a dimer.

More than 200 sensitive ELISAs, now available from Biosensis & Symansis, extend our range of assays from cardiovascular/metabolic proteins to neurogrowth factors, adhesion-, inflammation-, immune-competence mediators and developmental markers; many assays are available for human and mouse or rat samples in a 1x96 or 2x96 wells format


Multi Kinase ELISA Array :

Unique Replacement for Serial Western Blot With Phospho Kinase Antibodies

New Rapid ELISAs

  • Rapid ELISA for soluble human p75 neurotrophic receptor, BEK-2219-2P
  • Rapid ELISA for pro-NGF, BEK-2226-2P
  • Rapid ELISA for NT-4/NT-5 Neurotrophic Protein, BEK-2218-2P
  • Multi-Neurotrophin Rapid Screening ELISA, BEK-2227
  • Rapid ELISA for human LR3-IGF1 (cell culture validated), BEK-2233-2P

Under Promotion

  • Cardiovascular&Metabolic Diseases Range of ELISAs
  • Mature BDNF ELISA