Symansis Protein Kinase Inhibitors

Symansis has extended its inhibitor range by a series of unique small molecules and offers now well over 150 well characterized components, with a most prominent coverage of pI3 Kinase family, B-RAF JAKs, her2, and more target molecules related to EGF and VEGF receptors. The complete range covers phosphatase, protease, proteasome and ubiquitinase inhibitors as well. Access a list on this page per download (3MB), or visit for individual datasheets with updated references. We will send you by email our current pricelist and a file of recent published references (covering > 200 abstract links) per request

For a range of enzymes downstream of the pI3-kinase group, Symansis offers a quick Western ELISAs which works great with cell lysates and detects phosphorylated (in case of active beta-catenin: unphosphorylated) substrates, currently 9 targets in total. Details are decribed here . For an overview of the product range beyond small molecule inhibitors click and browse the page.

A list of Symansis antibodies against phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated targets is on display here


Symansis Inhibitors JAK through VEGF

PI3 Kinase and MAP Kinase Inhibitor Arrays

Inhibitors have dispensed into wells and freeze dried at concentrations covering their IC50 and EC50 threshold values met by most known target cell lines for PI3 Kinases or MEK Kinases.

Where the importance of mixed effects can be anticipated, these effects can be addressed by allowing the researcher to combine a range of inhibitors. Variations are up to the researcher.